October 21, 2005

October 21

Lubos Motl tells in his blog about a seminar given by Burt Ovrut at Harvard with the title Heterotic Standard Model.  To many this has been good news. 

Lubos also blogs an interesting popular article by Juan Maldacena, Illusion of gravity from the November issue of Scientific American.  It is about holography in quantum gravity.
Having read it I could not conclude for sure whether this article, written in brilliant style, is good news.

Florian Gmeiner, Ralph Blumenhagen, Gabriele Honecker, Dieter Lust, and Timo Weigand have written the paper One in a Billion: MSSM-like D-Brane Statistics, claiming that a Standard Model-like configuration with three families of quarks and leptons in this class of models is statistically highly suppressed.