May 03, 2006

Towards the ILC?

I have been quite confused, suppose like many others, of the developments in string theory getting acceptance by prominent physicists for the
landscape ideology. Therefore it felt good to read the news about one of the best known string "Wunderkinds" Brian Greene going to address the Congressional Research and Development Caucus Advisory Committee in DC on May 9, 2006. His talk is titled "Reaching for Einstein's Dream: The Quest for the Deepest Laws of the Universe."

The Director of DOE's Office of Science, Raymond L. Orbach, will present the new High Energy Physics Advisory Panel publication "Discovering the Quantum Universe," a companion volume to the "Quantum Universe." The new document explains the outstanding discovery opportunities at the Large Hadron Collider and the proposed International Linear Collider. Both publications will be available at the meeting and can be downloaded at As Lubos Motl has recently shown the need for the ILC is well indicated ;-)

Though the LHC is beginning operations next year, I understand the above activities as necessary preparations to go experimentally beyond the Standard Model.

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